August 30, 2016

Air Conditioning


Get your car air conditioning regassed, quickly and professionally.

Getting a regas on your car takes no time at all, and with the added convenience of Adelaide Auto Air coming to you at home or work, there’s really no excuse not to have your system booked in.

When you book your car in for an air conditioning service with Adelaide Auto Air, we not only regas your system, but visually inspect your hoses, compressor, condenser and all connections for any faults. Every vehicle we regas gets a UV dye treatment to help detect future leaks. We also pressure test using the latest hydrogen leak detection technology.  Adding this step and getting the job done right first time around, can save you losing all that gas you just paid for. Not only does an efficient working air conditioning system keep you nice and cool during summer, but it also helps remove humidity from within you car and defogs your windscreen during winter.

We also only use genuine R134a refrigerant. This is the industry standard for safe non-flammable refrigerant. Be careful of people using hydrocarbon based gases such as HiChill, Superchill, ER12, OS12 or Minus30, to name a few, which are extremely dangerous to not only your car but to your personal safety. These butane based gases are not only highly flammable, but can destroy any rubber o-rings or rubber seals in your compressor resulting in catastrophic failure.

If your car needs degassing, we also collect this old gas to the standards set by the Australian Refrigeration Council and return it back to the supplier for correct disposal.

If your car needs more than just a simple regas, we can help you there too. Our fully qualified Auto Electrician and Air Conditioning Technician can diagnose your vehicle and provide you with advice on what your next steps should be. It could be that you need a new compressor or condenser. Whatever the problem, we can supply and fit parts and can even do a complete system rebuild.

regassing car