August 30, 2016


Quick and easy condenser replacements, on site any time.

If you’ve never heard of a condenser before, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of people don’t realise that this is the “lungs” of your car air conditioning system. A condenser looks just like a radiator but for your air conditioning system. If there’s a hole or a leak in your condenser, then simply having a regas isn’t going to help at all. It’ll just leak straight back out again!

Fortunately, we can supply and fit a new condenser for you, on site at your home or office! We have access to the leading brands of condensers available in Australia, through multiple suppliers allowing us to source the best quality condenser at a competitive price.

At Adelaide Auto Air, have your condenser replaced on site by our completely mobile Auto Electrician and Automotive Technician. You can have complete confidence that our fully qualified staff will supply and fit your new condenser and have your car air conditioning back in optimum performance in no time at all.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote for your car air conditioning system.